What Are Rich Results and How Can You Get Them? The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Rich Results

As the world of online marketing becomes increasingly competitive, so do upgrades in SEO. One of the relatively recent updates by Google in returning results to searchers is the rich results.

But what are rich results, and how can you leverage them to boost your SEO and business? Keep reading to find out.

What are Rich Results?

To understand what rich results are, you must first know what standard results are. Suppose you searched for directions on how to make whipped coffee. This would be your standard result.

However, you may also come across a result that includes images, reviews, stock information, pricing, and more details about a particular product. Here is a rich results example.

As you can see, the rich results contain much more information than standard results, hence their name. They are also more enticing to the eye.

Why Should You Get Rich Results for Your Website?

Rich results can be tremendously beneficial to your online business. Here are a few ways that they can promote the growth and success of your company.

Increased Visibility

Rich results appear at the top of SERPs, known as position zero. This makes them incredibly visible. 

Add to that the fact that they are structured in an eye-catching design, and their visibility becomes unmatched.

Increased Click-Through Rate

Another advantage of rich results is that they increase the click-through rate to your site tremendously. This flows partly from the fact that they are more visible than standard results.

Not only that, but rich results provide users with handy information about your site at a glance. This increases the likelihood of users clicking on your link as they are assured they will find all the details they require from your page.

Research shows that pages with rich results have a 58% click-through rate, while those without have a 41% rate. This is a considerable difference in organic traffic and, ultimately, the revenue generated from your online business.

Establish Trust and Credibility

Obtaining your potential customer’s trust is critical to the success of an online business. Rich results allow you to establish this trust instantly, thanks to the inclusion of ratings and reviews.

The moment users view your product ratings or reviews, they form a perspective that you sell quality products and your brand comes across as trustworthy.

Additionally, depending on the information you include in your rich results, you can quickly communicate your business’s unique value proposition in a few words. Whether this is your products’ affordability, exclusivity, or quality, rich results instantly give you a platform to form a good first impression.

Reduces Your Bounce Rate

Another advantage that comes with rich results is that they can slash your bounce rates by a considerable percentage. How is this possible, you ask?

People tend to bounce off websites if they cannot find the necessary information quickly. But with rich results, users already know the information they want is on your page. And they can also locate it very quickly.

Ultimately, internet users will stay on your site longer as they digest the information you present. This increases their dwell time, which is good for your SEO.

Leads to More Conversions

One of the best things about rich snippets is that they often attract high-quality traffic to your site. People who click on rich results usually have a particular product in mind. 

This audience already knows what they want to purchase, and they only need to find the right e-commerce store to make their purchase. These will likely be people way down in the conversion funnel. And if they find a product with good ratings and reviews on your store, they most certainly will purchase it.

Rich Results are Good for SEO

Rich results are not an SEO ranking factor per Google. However, they contribute positively to other ranking factors, ultimately boosting your SEO.

For instance, rich results help increase dwell time and reduce bounce rates on your site. Your dwell time contributes to your SEO ranking, so having rich results helps.

Secondly, rich results help users find the most pertinent information in the best and most convenient way. This is Google’s self-proclaimed mission

Consequently, having rich results helps Google accomplish its mission, which is excellent for SEO.

How Do You Get Rich Results for Your Site?

Installing rich results on your site is technical, and you must understand how code works to do it successfully.

Rich results are a type of microdata implemented using Schema markups. This implementation allows search engines to identify the components of the rich results, such as ratings, reviews, and images.

To add the rich results, you first need to access the HTML code of the page you wish to add the rich snippets. Then you should add the schema markup using the JSNON-LD format and assemble it using the Google Mark Up Helper.

You will then add the code to Google Tag Manager to finish. Finally, use Google’s Rich Results Test Tool to see the rich results that your page is eligible for.

How To Make the Most of Rich Results

It is important to note that rich results are not a carte blanche to SEO excellence. After all, it is a marketing technique many businesses have been implementing to boost their growth.

So, how can you ensure you make the most of rich results? For one, you must craft the results in a way that is enticing and useful to your audience.

Secondly, don’t divulge all the relevant information on the rich results. If you do, viewers will have no reason to click on your site, and you will lose out on potential traffic. 

You also want to ensure that your pages have short load times. If users have to wait for ages before your page loads, rest assured they will leave in search of faster websites.

Additionally, format your content in a way that search engines prefer, such as listicles, blogs, white papers, or FAQs.

Finally, encourage your audience to leave reviews and ratings about your products. You will instantly improve your brand’s trustworthiness to potential customers.

The Last Word on Rich Results

Rich results can be a game-changing technique for your online marketing strategy. It can increase your visibility tremendously and boost your conversions significantly.

Installing rich results can be somewhat technical and daunting, but you can rely on tech experts for help. Also, be sure to follow the tips shared in this post to make the most of rich results.