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Top Notch and Proficient Press Release Writers for Hire

Press Releases are an effective tool for improving public relations. They are an affordable way to reach a business's target audience and add to the branding process. KeywordWave provides reputable press release writing services that communicate the correct information and meet your business' branding goals. 

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KeywordWave Press Release Writing Services: What To Expect

Press releases are an essential marketing tool that improves your business' reputation and recognition. Outsourcing your press release writing needs is an ideal way to get value for your money. 

Having been in the industry for quite a while, at KeywordWave, we know the type of content that will invigorate your public profile. Moreover, we also guarantee the delivery of:

  • High-quality plagiarism-free content for brand endorsement
  • Intriguing and engaging content that drives more traffic to your site
  • Provide additional support to your marketing campaigns with reputable and researched evidence-backed content
  • SEO-friendly content to improve your business's ranking in search engines

Why Choose KeywordWave for Your Press Release Writing Services?

Wholesome Content With ROI

The internet provides plenty of guides for writing press releases. However, without much experience, drafting a sterling press release that will gain much online traction can be limiting. 

Our proficient team of writers is well versed in this practice. Harboring over five years of experience writing press releases for various industries, we will be sure to match you up with a writer who understands your press release needs. 

Meet Your Marketing Goals

Press Release writing does not just involve curating content. Our freelance writers go the extra mile to give your content a journalistic perspective. 

Aside from introducing a new service or product in the press release, we will work with you to identify other marketing goals. Thanks to our vast network of press agencies and journalists, we will make your press release newsworthy.

Get the Right Media Coverage

Outsourcing your work to a press release writing service is ideal for better results. At KeywordWave, we have partnerships with various media outlets to guarantee high visibility of your content. Moreover, our writing style and newsworthy content make it irresistible for journalists to feature the articles on their media sites. 

Cut Down Ad Cost

Press releases are a cost-effective tool in marketing. They tend to cost less compared to running an advert. A well-drafted press release suffices just as much as an Ad does. 

Furthermore, they also provide faster results than other online marketing forms. Press releases give you a wide platform to market your brand with a greater chance of reaching your target audience. 

Stand Out as an Industry Expert

High-quality press releases can help your business stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it can also build your business's reputation and promote your thought leadership. 

Our league of media-savvy writers is adept with top-tier research skills guaranteed to give your content an authoritative perspective. This benefits your business since customers are drawn to such trustworthy companies. 

How Our Press Release Writing Services Work

1. Sign Up or Sign In

Our services feature an interactive and easy-to-use platform. To receive your press release content, you must first create an account. If you have an existing account, you can sign in here.

2. Tell Us About You

Next, you'll be asked to share a few details about your business. This includes your brand voice, industry type, and online presence. You can also include content that you find appealing to your business which we shall use as reference.

3. Select a Plan

We have a diverse range of plans for every business. Browse our catalogs and find a plan that fits your marketing budget. The plans are segmented in terms of word length and imagery enhancements.

Press Release Writing Service FAQs

What Is a Press Release Writing Service?

A press release is a document brief that informs a particular audience on various products and services reaching the market. Press release writing services provide outsourcing services to businesses at a fee. 

Hiring a reputable press release writing service is tied to ROI and delivery of newsworthy content. 

How Much Do Press Release Services Cost?

Press Release writing services are charged on two levels. You have the option of purchasing written content and publishing it yourself. Alternatively, you can have the writing service publish it at a cost. You may wish to have a look at our price plans and place an order.

Why Should I Hire a Press Release Writing Service?

Freelance press release writers are conversant with the industry. They understand the jargon and how to optimize content for news sites. You can opt to draft your own press release; however, remember that you need a network of media outlets to publish it. Most services have such partnerships, making publishing your content on their sites seamless. 

How Long Does it Take To Write A Press Release?

A complete press release takes 24 to 48 hours. The length of time depends on the word length and incorporation of external media. We will notify you once your order is complete. You can then access your complete order from your dashboard. 

What About Confidentiality?

All our services guarantee utmost confidentiality. Our engagement with all our clients is backed by non-disclosure agreements which our freelance writers also subscribe to. So, worry not. All your trade secrets are safe with us.