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Product descriptions are a must-have for online shops. The brief write-ups provide convincing information to customers, which informs purchase decisions. At KeywordWave, we understand how vital product descriptions are. We work with seasoned professionals who deliver optimized content for conversion, guaranteeing more sales.

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Engage With Our Outstanding League of Adept Writers

Excellent product descriptions contextualize content in a manner that communicates customers' pain points. At KeywordWave, we combine experience and expertise to understand what your customer needs. We make your business our business. 

With the market being flooded with inexperienced writers, we guarantee quality and authentic content, alongside:

  • Ensuring an organic number of visitors to your site with highly optimized content
  • A community of professionals with vast experience across industries
  • Fresh and plagiarism-free product descriptions that will stand out from the rest
  • Product descriptions written by vetted and qualified native English speakers

Why Choose KeywordWave for Your Product Description Writing 

We are Good With SEO

We vet our writers for SEO experience as a minimum qualification. All our writers are well conversant with SEO techniques. What's more, we use keyword research tools to optimize content based on your industry. The words are creatively incorporated into the description that aligns with your brand.

Massive Pool of Professionals

We work with a wide range of professionals drawn from various backgrounds. Each writer has a boatload of experience interacting with similar and different brands. We will have a writer who understands your brand needs and voice.

Drive Up Your Sales

Product descriptions are sales pitches; the only difference is they are written down. To convince a customer to purchase your item, you need compelling content that assures them it's the right purchase. Our product descriptions seamlessly hit home by communicating to your customers why they should make a purchase.

More Time To Focus on What's Important

Curating product descriptions that stand out can take up much of your time; the time you should use to focus on more prudent tasks. At KeywordWave, we take the load off your back and provide you with top-tier product descriptions that speak to your audience. 

Look More Professional and Appealing

Customers are drawn to businesses that are good at what they do. One way to communicate this is through professionally curated product descriptions. Product descriptions should be clear with a blend of creativity. 

At KeywordWave, our product descriptions are grammar-free and delivered in a polished and professional manner that will allure potential customers.

Stand Out From The Competition

With an influx of similar products flooding the market, consumers struggle to select the right brand. You can set yourself apart from the competition with product descriptions that sell your product.

 Our product descriptions sell your products as the solution to potential customers. We do not just describe what the product does–that's what our competitors do.

How Our Product Description Services Work

  • Sign Up

Let's get to know more about you by creating an account with us. Navigate to the dashboard and click" Create an account." If you have an existing account, you can proceed to select "Sign in."

  • Place an Order

After signing in to your account, you're all set to place an order. Select the "Place Order" tab, then fill in the required details. You will need to include information on your target customer, keywords, product page, and other format details. 

  • The Process Begins

Once you successfully place an order, our automated system matches you with a writer based on your industry. A project brief based on the details you share is shared with the writer. If a concern arises, the writer will contact you for clarification immediately.

  • Review Your Product Descriptions

You will get a notification once your order is complete. We provide room for unlimited reviews and edits. If unsatisfied with the product description, you can request a revision, and our team will aptly jump on it.

Product Description Writing Service FAQs

What is a Product Description Service?

A product description service is a summary of your product's selling points. The write-up briefly describes what you sell in a manner that entices customers and leads to conversions. 

Why Should You Use a Product Description Service?

Product Descriptions can be written in-house. After all, who else knows your product better than you? However, creating uniform content for hundreds of products can be challenging in the real world. 

Product Description Writing Services guarantee uniformity and brand alignment. Regardless of how many descriptions you need, all your products will have a harmonious brand voice with a product description service.

How Long Does it Take to Write Product Descriptions?

Our speed of delivery depends on the number of orders placed. Orders below 100 product descriptions will take two weeks to complete. Orders above 100 will take three weeks.. Furthermore, you can keep track of the progress through your account's dashboard.

Can I Use a Product Description as a Sales Copy?

Product descriptions are brief statements that feature on e-commerce sites. They are more suitable for consumers with multiple products on websites. 

What Products Do You Work With?

We don't have a limit to our client base. Our expertise is expansive and runs across major industries. Our running client list includes significant Ecommerce companies and small, medium, and large businesses. 

We are always open to new challenges and take pride in our vast repertoire of competent and proficient writers.